Project Description

Depending on your budget you can have a simple theme like White Christmas where your decor and table settings are all white and have your guests dressed in white. Dress codes excite your guests and can put them in the state of looking forward in turning up to you event. You can also have something festive such as a Christmas sweater theme or ask your guests to come as their favourite Christmas character such as Rudolph or Santa.


When it comes to Eid you choose  the food that you plan to have at the event, and ensure that you complete the preparation well in advance. This will prevent you from feeling under pressure closer to Eid day and will allow you to tailor your food according to your guests’ dietary needs. Since it is Eid ul Adha, you may want to make, or inform the hired cater company of making a certain meat dish, gaining the rewards of sharing your Qurbani meat.


There are two different Islamic days that begin with Eid. The first is Eid al-Fitr. The second is Eid al-Adha. These are two very different holy days for Muslims and neither bears any resemblance to the Christian holiday of Christmas. Christmas, of course, celebrates the birth of Jesus and is always, at least in the Western world, observed on December 25.